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We have created and curated a Google Drive exclusively for our volunteer tutors. It’s a place where you can share your own lesson plans and teaching resources, and draw on those of others. For access, contact Mike Malloy at mmalloy@lincolnliteracy.org.

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Career Assessments (For Job Mentors)

  • The Interest Assessment – 30-questions that match interests to careers.
  • The Skills Matcher – identifies your skills and matches them to careers.
  • The Work Values Matcher – helps identify the qualities that are most important to you in a career and the place you work.
  • Myers-Briggs Test – describes your preferred way of interacting.
  • Career Beliefs Inventory – helps identify and overcome attitudes that interfere with choosing a career. ($$)
  • Strong Interest Inventory – compares your interests with those of individuals successfully working in a range of jobs. ($)
  • Values Assessment – helps you learn more about your underlying work needs and motivations, and can help you decide what is important to you in a job.
  • Kiersey Temperament Sorter – provides a detailed summary of personality type and core characteristics, including what types of roles and workplaces may be a good fit.

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