Workplace Classes

Maximize the potential of employees, on the job.

With a workforce shortage throughout Nebraska, use our customized curriculum to provide English language instruction on the job. Lincoln Literacy works with local employers to develop this curriculum, give workers a well-rounded understanding of the place they work, and provide them with a career path.

Our Workplace Curriculum Includes

  • Job-specific vocabulary and concepts
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • U.S. work culture, company culture, and career pathways
  • Human resources and benefits, like health insurance and their 401(k)
  •  Basic and Intermediate English language skills specific to the employee’s level

Who’s Working With Us

We’ve worked with Nebraska’s largest manufacturer, Lincoln’s largest hotel, and the area’s largest healthcare provider.

Workers and Employers Win

Workplace classes help employers upskill and retain their workforce and help immigrants not only get a job but also move up within their careers. Our learners gain increased confidence, stronger connections to other employees and supervisors, and a better understanding of their career track and benefits.

“They gave me the hand to stand up.” Nigora Aminova, Patient Care Technician at Bryan Health and former Lincoln Literacy student

Read Nigora’s story.

How It Works

 Increased Retention

Classes are offered on-site, while workers are on the clock. This benefit fosters loyalty and trust, improves workers’ quality of life, and enables them to move up within the organization.

Customized Curriculum

Lincoln Literacy works with employers to craft and teach a curriculum tailored to your needs. Courses are hosted and paid for by the employer or funded by programs like the American Job Center’s Incumbent Worker Training program.*

* American Job Center funding is subject to an application process and may not result in selection. 

“In the last session, the average improvement from the pre- to post-test was 39%, which is tremendous.” — Mary Hoppe, Senior Organization Development Consultant for Bryan Health

Host Workplace English Classes

Interested in working with Lincoln Literacy on a customized Workplace Class?

“The employees [are] getting paid to learn English, and the employer is getting an upskilled workforce. It’s a win-win for everyone.” — Dylan Wren, Workforce Administrator for the City of Lincoln

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“Our best asset is Lincoln Literacy.” — Kevin Mattran, Training Administrator for Kawasaki Motors