As an award-winning nonprofit organization, we take our fiscal responsibility seriously. That’s why for every $1 received, we spend 92¢ on direct services to our students.


To achieve our mission, the stewardship of our resources is built on diligence and respect for the diversity, potential, and dreams of every person we serve. 


We are accountable to and overseen by multiple entities, including our board of directors and external auditors.

Tax-Exempt Organization

​All donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law. Download our IRS 501c3 Letter.

Allocation of Revenue and Expenses for 2023


Our formula for success is a revenue stream of grants, government funding, and individual and corporate donations.


We’re proud that only 8% of our revenue goes to Management and Fundraising costs so we can invest heavily in our students.

Financial Reports

In alignment with our code of ethics that emphasizes honesty and transparency, we offer our financial reports to the greater community, our accountability partner. 

Thank You to Our Supporters

Your gifts change lives, impact futures, and make Lincoln stronger together.