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How do you say hello to just about anyone in the world? 

Greetings in 3,000 Languages!

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a combination of face-to-face learning and online learning. It can help both tutors and students in several ways. If a tutor has learners at diffferent levels, or with different needs, in her class, she can get one or more students working on an online learning task while giving attention to another, and then vice versa. Online resources can also be a helpful way to teach a topic that a tutor doesn't know much about. Perhaps most impotant of all, blended learning can enable and encourage students to learn every day! We are building up a library of resources and activity guides online. 

Here are some suggestions to try with your student, using a cell phone or Chromebook laptop, available for checkout at Lincoln Literacy.

Duolingo: How To Make Use of the App

Beginner Reading Lesson Plan (Level 0) 

Blended Learning- Intermediate Listening Comprehension

General list of resources


Online Learning Resources for Children

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Beginning ELL Lessons

High Beginner

Low Intermediate Health Stories

Intermediate ELL Lessons

Advanced ELL Lessons


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