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Tutor Training Schedule

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Location: Lincoln Literacy office, 9th & G Streets
Everyone is welcome to attend an orientation to learn about different volunteer options at Lincoln Literacy.

Tutor Training

To become a tutor, you must attend a one-hour orientation and one or two sessions of tutor training. Register here.

Or, call 402-476-7323 to let us know which orientation you wish to attend. During orientation, new volunteers will learn about Lincoln Literacy and its history, current tutoring options, tutor roles, and student needs. At the end of orientation, volunteers who continue for training will choose either the English Language Learner (ELL) or the Adult Basic training.

Please bring a photo ID to the orientation.

Current Training Schedule

All orientations at Lincoln Literacy Office – 745 South 9th (9th & G)

All ELL Sessions at First Lutheran Church- 1551 S 70th

Adult Basic Literacy Tutoring at Lincoln Literacy

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