Fall Classes have begun!

New and returning students are welcome to come to the class site they want to attend on the start date. We will do intakes and assessments there, as well as on Monday afternoons at Lincoln Literacy and Saturday afternoons Bennett Martin Library. See Fall Schedule for details. Please note that we are closed on Monday, Sept. 4 for Labor Day, and that some classes are limited to refugees or to employees of the company where they are held. For some other classes, there may be a waiting list for entry. 

See Fall Schedule HERE

Tutors: Check out the new LESSON PLANS that have been added to our site! 

Our mission is to strengthen our community by teaching the English language and a variety of literacy skills to people of all cultures.

  • Halloween can be even more meaningful this year by promoting an altruistic lifestyle and giving back to your community. Check out these 13 spooky Halloween fundraising ideas.

  • Focusing on positive thoughts can actually impact your overall health. How, you ask? Today we dive in and see how positive thoughts can make you healthier.

  • October happens to be Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. So, how can you celebrate this month and support another incredible cause? We have some cool canine concepts.

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